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Rainbow Tree Studio provides creative experiences where artists of all ages and abilities are inspired to Imagine, Dream and Create Adventure through Art and Play.

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Currently we are a studio focused on take home creative art kits.

We will be launching new kits frequently to purchase and create art in your own home. 


In the future we will be offering mobile process art experiences for groups.Whether in a local park or in a backyard, we will bring all the supplies needed and provide you with the framework for each art experience.  


Our big dream is to eventually open a community-based studio in Forest Grove, OR where we can hold classes, sell process art kits and provide artists, of all walks of life, a place to explore their creativity. 


What do we do at

 Rainbow Tree Studio?

What is process art?

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Process Art focuses on the doing rather than the finished product. The key is how the art was created rather than what it looks like when you're done. Artists are presented with open-ended experiences, a variety of art supplies and are able to explore their creativity and imagination without judgement or fear of being wrong. It's allowing yourself to enter into a creative journey, explore, and be an artist.

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Rainbow Tree StudioKits

Benefits of Process art. 

It is through doing that artist learn so much. Problem solving, self expression, innovationexperimentation and allowing yourself to take risks are some of the many benefits of process art. While engaging in a process art experience, artist can gain confidence and feel a sense of competency when they create something based on their own ideas and efforts. 


Come see us at the forest GRove Farmer's market

See you May 2022!

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