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About Us

It all started with a playdate at the park during the Summer of 2020...

Susan & Jessie

would daydream about a creative adventure together
while their daughters, Alice and Eloise, would create worlds
of wonder through imaginative play.


Realizing that opening an art studio had always been a passion for both of them, they started brainstorming ideas and landed on what made both of their hearts the happiest ~ creating a place where people of all ages and abilities are inspired to Imagine, Dream and create Adventure through art.

Playdate with Alice & Eloise


& Alice

Co-owner / Instructor

& Assistant Teacher


& Eloise

Co-owner / Instructor

& Assistant Teacher

Art is everything.

It has surrounded me my entire life. From the messy charcoal illustrations I did with my dad at a young age, garden planning with my mom & winemaking with my husband Jonny (which is how we met by the way). Art has always played a central role in my life.

After receiving a Graphic Design degree, I began my traveling adventures, which unbeknownst to me would last the span of 
nearly a decade... (including a long stint in New Zealand, my husband’s home country) & completely change the way I see myself and my place in the world.

Because graphic design can be very ‘in the box’, within that period, as a freelance artist, I always made time to play with different mediums & create without boundaries. That’s where I fell in love with colored pencil illustration and woodworking & with no limit to my dreams, began imagining opening up a future art studio.

Eventually, my husband Jonny & I made the move back to the Willamette Valley & added to our pod.

Back in Oregon, I shared my 3D shadow boxes, Illustrations & jewelry at various art shows, online and in a stall at the Forest Grove Farmers Market. Before it closed due to Covid, I was also co-teaching, at a Reggio-based preschool that focused on art & nature. It gave me immense confidence in the effect & importance that access to art and creativity has on the human mind, heart & soul.

I met Susan, officially, when our daughters were still growing in our bellies... little did I know then that we shared the same dream... to create a place where we could share our artistic passion with people of all ages & from all walks of life. I believe that everyone should have the equal opportunity to harness & explore their creativity, no matter their circumstances.

And so, here we are...

Jonny & I have two beautiful, healthy girls ~ Eloise & Talulah ~ and not only do I get to share this adventure with them, but we get to share it with all of you...


I couldn’t be more proud & excited!!!

Recently I was looking through some childhood boxes my parents gave me when I moved from Ohio to Oregon (1998) and found a rolled up piece of paper. Across the top was written in bubble letters, “Things I want to accomplish in my life.” The paper was dated 1986; I was 13 years old. Number 3 on my list was, “Open an art studio for kids.” That was the beginning of this dream and I couldn’t be happier that I am finally able to     #3 on my list and partner with my dear friend Jessie while doing so. 


Creating has always been a part of my life. I love mixing paint and finding the exact color that fits my mood on any given day. I love the smell of new crayons fresh from their box. I love the way a brush, filled with water and paint, feels when it hits the paper for the first stroke of a masterpiece. I love finding objects around the house and figuring out how we can use them in our next family art project. I love coordinating bits of fabric together and sewing them into something my daughter will wear or cuddle. I love drilling colorful bottle caps onto a board and stepping back to see the colors blend into an original piece of recycled artwork. I love wrapping the trunk of the maple tree just outside our studio in the colors of a rainbow. I love watching children explore their own creative talents and seeing the excitement in their eyes when they do it, "all by themselves."  I love how creating feels in my heart, knowing that whatever appears in what I’m working on is my creative expression. 


One of my greatest joys has been sharing my love of art with my children and their friends. In every house I have lived there has always been a room designated as “the studio.” In our current home, my husband, Tom, daughter, Alice, and I create without limits at Rainbow Tree Studio. Here, we find comfort and joy as we paint, build, cut, collage and create art together. We are so excited to team with Jessie and her family and share our love of process art with all of you. 


There have been many family masterpieces that have adorned our walls over the years. My most cherished pieces of art are the collaged pieces of paper that my girls have given me that simply say in fancy artful writing, “I love you, mom!” 

Why Rainbow Tree Studio?

If you look out the front window of our studio you will find a rainbow tree. This maple tree wrapped from base to branches in rainbow mesh ribbon represents LOVE, JOY and HOPE. At Rainbow Tree Studio we want all of the artists to develop a Love of creating, find Joy in self expression, and ignite a Hope for a life full of art adventures.   

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