Let us bring the art experience to you. 

Rainbow Tree Studio mobile art experiences are designed to enable each participant the ability to explore and create using a  multitude of art mediums. Each week our instructors will bring an art project or concept for the students to explore. Whether making treasure maps, self portraits, or trees out of recycled materials participants will be given the opportunity to explore their creativity in a supportive environment. 



An example of a mobile art experience. 

Week One

Watercolor Resist Treasure Maps



What age are Mobile Classes for?

We offer Rainbow Tree Studio Mobile Art Classes for ages 4 & up. All children in class need to be within 1.5 years of each other.


When do you offer classes?

As long as we have the availability, we can schedule Mobile Classes Monday - Friday, 9:30am-5pm.


How many kids can I have in class?

Mobile Classes have a maximum class size of 6 children at this time. We do offer one-on-one private classes as well.


How long are Mobile Classes?

Rainbow Tree Mobile Art Classes are one hour long. Your instructor will arrive 20 minutes early to set up, and stay 15 minutes after class to clean up. 


How long are Mobile Class sessions?

Mobile Classes are scheduled in 5-week sessions, which are paid for in full up front. Students must enroll for the entire session.


Can you do a class in my area?

Our mobile classes are typically within 15 miles from Forest Grove. We will work to find the best time for you based on our instructors' current schedules.


What types of projects can I expect?

Our teachers are constantly developing new process-based curriculum! Kids will use a variety of art making processes, including but not limited to collaging, building, sculpting, painting, drawing, beading, and so much more. We plan developmentally appropriate curriculum based on your group's age range, and make sure we're bringing new, awesome materials and tools for the kids to use and explore for their projects.



  • Large outdoor area that's ok to get messy.

  • Table(s) & chairs to comfortably accommodate your class. Canopy to protect from sun or rain.

  • Access to a sink or hose

  • Clear & open communication with Rainbow Tree Studio about class.

Do you want to host a Rainbow Tree Studio class?